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Application Security

When computing was confined mainly to the desktop, security, especially application security, although important, didn’t enjoy the prominence it does today.

Now that the internet, email, business applications, and more are available on a wide range of devices (some belonging to a business, some belonging to their employees), protecting businesses and consumers within a robust IT security environment is no longer an after-thought to be sorted out by the programmers after the release of software and the subsequent hacker-derived reveal of fatal security flaws.

Security measures now built into software programmes and applications include:

  • firewalls that stop or severely limit the handling of data and the execution of files
  • IP address invisibility on the internet
  • encryption and decryption programmes
  • anti-virus programmes
  • spyware, malware, and ransomware detection and removal systems

Application security is the latest approach to protecting against cybercrime and data breaches.

Within any organisation, the main target for cyberattacks are IT administrators.

More than nine out of ten of all data breaches involve stolen credentials being discovered, exploited, and sold on.

Application security suites

Application security suites form a defensive shield around applications, supporting IT systems, and data critical to the running of your business from external criminal attack and internal carelessness or lack of attention of security protocols.

The main features of the new application security suites include:

  • very strict control over access to programs, apps, spreadsheets, and databases
  • around the clock security monitoring
  • an infrastructure protected from external attack and which ring-fences internal users just to the systems they need to access
  • a supplier-based high-level management team paying specific attention to an individual client’s business

Application security suites are not designed to replace your existing IT security and infrastructure but to add an extra level of scrutiny to it managed by your supplier’s analytical, compliance, and forensic IT specialists.

This approach fits an extra layer of security around the people, the technology, and the business processes of your company specifically to protect your high-value, highly-sensitive databases.


Application security suite protection offers our clients the following benefits:

  • security to stop high-risk threats entering your system
  • discovers malware hidden in files including malware file sharing
  • uncovers business email compromise (BEC) attacks
  • API integration without user or device interruption
  • central suite administration
  • cloud communication and collaboration
  • direct to cloud integration
  • preservation of user and admin functions and features

Keeping your data safe and secure has never been easy but it’s worth the effort.

Even a small loss of sensitive data will cause the belief that your customers have in your business and its ability to protect their information to collapse.

With the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), the significant blow that a general loss of client confidence in your company through a data breach would have will be compounded by the much more proactive policing, regulatory, and penalty-based regime of enforcement from the Information Commissioner.

Application security gives you, your customers, your staff, and every person and organisation which relies on and has a stake holding in your business additional peace of mind to know that you consider data security as one of the company’s core and defining corporate responsibilities.