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Consider changing your IT supplier?

Traditionally many companies consider using external IT support companies when things go wrong or resources/skills are limited or someone leaves the business.

This where working with an IT support company can deliver additional benefits and access to resources and skills without paying too much.

Today, many businesses rely on outsourced IT support and the thought of switching incumbent IT partners can be a very daunting task. Moreover, the challenge of deciding to either outsource your IT support requirement or bring it back in-house brings its own challenges and opportunities.

Without assumptions being made, the decision must not be made with a “one size fits all” mentality, as no one solution is the same.

One option is to consider a managed service where you look to outsource specific / full IT support requirements. This can be on a product/solution/service basis or even providing an additional layer (either frontline, remote or escalation) to your in-house IT support team.

There are many reasons for and against businesses small and large adopting managed services as part of their IT strategy.

Reasons for change
There can be several reasons as to why change is happening or should be considered, including but not limited to;

  • Your business has changed and your existing contract is not adequate to manage the change
  • You have noticed your costs increase with no justification and are looking for a ‘better deal’
  • You have had service delivery issues from your current IT supplier
  • Your relationship with your IT supplier has changed
  • Unknowingly, they may be intentionally pricing you out of their business

Problems with change
As earlier, switching IT support companies can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have an existing relationship in place or reference points for consideration.

You may also be concerned how to switch, what is the impact to your systems, is your data at risk, how much hassle will it be and most importantly, will this one be better?

Off the bat, we want to say that there are many great companies out there providing excellent services and unfortunately there are several at the other end of the spectrum.

Ones that focus on profit versus service, reactive versus proactive and the dream sellers. The dream sellers are the dangerous ones to your business.

We know it is very difficult for a company to a true one stop shop especially for small business, however, working with an IT partner should mean that you can confidently call them up and ask for assistance / advice on any number of problems, solutions or technologies and not be sold a dream that is either not/under-delivered or puts your business at risk.

That is how we became trusted advisors and there are many today that stick to that ethos.

If you feel your IT partner does not have your best interests in their mind or that you cannot ask them about a service or solution they don’t provide, then it may be time for change.

If they are unresponsive to your individual needs and are unable to be flexible when needed, then it is time for change.

Any IT business worth their weight in gold, will spend time to help you with your query, even if it means outsourcing/partnering with another business or even recommending another provider to you.

Meeting with goals and vision of the company
If your previous IT support company fails to support goals of the company, then, you should consider switching to a new partner, even if to act as a bridge during a transition back to in-house IT.

You need a partner to provide resourceful and flexible solutions, allowing you to meet your desired path of success.

Compliance and Security
A lot of companies fail to comply with their own IT support agreements. Furthermore, several companies deliver services that aren’t compliant to standards or could be open to potential security risks.

With the continuing rise in cyber threats and regulatory compliance, you need a partner that delivers a service that not only addresses any security risks but enhances your current IT security strategy and can meet/advise on your compliance requirements.

The fear of change is also the most common reason for resisting change and on many occasions results in no change at all.

Don’t let the fear of change affect your business or decisions, we are here to help you ensuring a smooth transition and providing comfort to support the next part of the journey.

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