How to stay productive and motivated when working remotely

Since the pandemic, companies all around the world are doing everything they can to accommodate remote working. Thankfully, today’s technology and online tools have made it very easy to collaborate and work from home.

However, working remotely certainly comes with its own set of challenges – one of them revolving around burnout as a result of being “stuck” in the same daily routine. This can lead to dwindling motivation and productivity levels – but with these tips, you can ensure that every day working remotely feels fresh and a chance to achieve what you have set out to do.

Dressing the part

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean that you have to stay in your PJs and t-shirt while sipping a cup of coffee and checking your emails. Research has shown that dressing properly for work, even if you’re working from home, can increase productivity levels and get you in that “mode” to work.

Keeping your mind motivated

In an office, things are different – there are people who are counting and banking on you. There’s pressure from your peers and managers to perform well. But at home, you may occasionally run into trouble as far as staying motivated and focused is concerned. With no one to give you that proverbial slap on the back for doing a good job or a boss to get on your case if you don’t do a good job – it can be easy to get demotivated and start wasting time.

What you need is something that involves awareness, judgment, and discrimination. Take a short break and read a book or try out a new recipe. Play with your pet or take them out for a walk. Stretch, breathe and meditate a little. There are many ways to keep your routine interesting to ensure that you stay motivated and on-track.

Get away and enjoy a change of scenery

With remote work, there’s no coffee break with your work mates or going outside for a meet up in the parking lot or even a little snooker or foozball during lunch break.

Instead, you’ll be in front of a computer screen for many hours at a stretch with no one to keep you company. It’s important to get out of your ‘shell’ and just see (and appreciate) what’s going on around you.

An early morning walk or jog, for example, is a great way to kick off the day. Performing moderate-intensity exercise in the afternoon or early in the evening will also keep you fresh. If lockdown conditions prevent you from visiting public places for a little recreation, then create your own workout or meditation/relaxation routine at home – you’ll find plenty of great ideas online. Just do whatever you can to break away from the daily work routine – your mind and body will thank you for it.

Breaks, breaks, breaks!

The quickest way to getting burned out, especially during remote work, is by not taking regular breaks. While it’s understandable that you need to stay focused on work – staying focused for too long is a recipe for not only a burnout, but sheer boredom. Just set a time for breaks and then force yourself to get up from your desk and do something else in another room.

Have a snack or too, or just look out the window for a few minutes. Make sure that you limit your breaks to just a few minutes at a time, because you don’t want to lose the productivity tempo and drive that you maintain throughout the day.

Relax and be yourself

Remind yourself: I’m at home doing what I love to do, no one’s watching me.

It’s okay if you want to crack jokes and laugh at them too, dance a little or play an instrument. This can greatly help in loosening you up and taking the edge away.

Treat your eyes and ears

Music can greatly help you relax and be more productive when you get back to work after a break. The same goes for watching TV shows or, for instance, short video clips online. Remember, the idea is to help you break that bond you’ve made with your home workstation and work chair.

So don’t be afraid to watch a TV show episode, or relax and take a powernap while listening to some tunes.

Follow these tips and you can make your daily work from home routine interesting, productive and motivational.

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