Managed Print Services
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Scale your print environment as your business evolves.

Managed Print Services

Reduce printing costs and increase efficiency

It can be easy to lose track of print costs with diverse fleets comprising smaller desktop printers through to larger departmental multifunctional devices. NextWave IT Solutions provides a comprehensive range of Managed Print Services to give greater visibility and control of print usage, reduce costs and increase document security.

A full Managed Print Service, when extended to include enterprise content management and workflow solutions, provides an opportunity to eliminate an impressive 30-40% of total print costs whilst increasing employee productivity by enabling faster, paperless processes.

Research by Photizo Group found the average cost of a hard copy/print fleet for a firm with 750 employees is more than £500,000 per year. So there are significant savings to be made.

To achieve cost savings, boost employee productivity, and derive business process workflow benefits, companies can assess the printing environment and deliver a new balanced deployment scheme. This includes optimal deployment, and remote management, of devices.

Our Managed Print Service includes:

  • Analysis of current printing processes
  • Assess your current printers against required usage
  • Recommendations to optimise print output
  • Optimisation of print fleet
  • Remote monitoring of print usage to proactively identify and resolve printing problems before they occur
  • Replenish printing supplies before they run out
  • Provide network management and IT integration
  • Train employees to get the most out of the equipment

Complete, tailored, MPS/MDS solutions
A typical MPS/MDS arrangement would include the following core features:
Consolidation of all existing hardcopy output devices and any new devices and solutions into one single and easy to manage maintenance agreement. This can be represented as a single or multiple ‘Cost per Page’ and can be based on a volume of impressions rather than the usual time bound agreement.

The 4 key benefits

Cost control
Reduce costs by up to 30%

We know how much print costs your business – both in terms of direct and indirect costs.. By outsourcing part or all of your print management to NextWave IT Solutions, you can significantly reduce and control all your print associated costs, and improve your bottom line over the long-term.

Enhance employee productivity and improve efficiencies

We’ve identified that many departments within traditional workplaces spend valuable time sorting out paper jams, inserting new toner cartridges across printer fleets and managing service call to their suppliers, when they could be working to improve your overall business efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

Improve your document processes and ensure security

The more documents are circulated in and outside your office, the greater the chance they’ll end up in the wrong hands. Indeed, 33% of staff interviewed in one research project admitted to seeing confidential documents left behind at a printer..

Create a greener working environment

Leverage our power saving technology, waste-reducing tools and software solutions to help your business decrease energy use, cut consumable waste and reduce your overall environment footprint.

Breakthrough service experience with the next generation of HP A3 MFPs

Get affordable colour, maximum uptime, and the world’s most secure printing1 for a better overall printing experience.

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