Protect Yourself Online – Know Your Enemy

cyber security

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen an increase in cyber-attacks through ransomware and phishing emails and this doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

Many organisations may have had a scare the other weekend with WannaCry launching a global attack and unfortunately there was a large proportion of businesses and public sector bodies that suffered through this.

There can be a simple approach to stop a very complex issue, but general housekeeping and maintenance can’t be put to one side any longer. As more reliance is placed on interconnectivity, these risks will only increase and get smarter.

As a security driven business, we were confident that all the measures we had in place for our customers performed as expected.  Taking an over-precautious approach may seem laborious for some people and as much as people are repeating the tag line, we truly do believe that preventation is better than the cure.

The time and effort to “fix”, can end up putting some businesses out of business, that is why we recommend several different tiers for protection and not always the same vendor (occasionally much to their annoyance), but “eggs in one basket” or “single point of failure” resonate when considering your options.

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