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The Top 5 Questions you could ask us


More frequently than ever before, we’re receiving calls and enquiries from businesses like yours, who are unhappy with their current IT partner or service provider.

And from these many calls, we’ve noticed a trend.

A lot of business owners and managers like you want more.

More than you’re currently being provided when it comes to data security, IT that just works, and helps you to grow the business (not hold it back).

Because most of us have had to significantly change the way we work over the past 12 months, it’s even more important that you have an IT partner who’s listening to what you need and want.

Look, we’re not in the habit of putting our competitors down. There are many good IT service providers around here who will do the right thing for you.

But sadly, there are also a number of firms that don’t seem to have the necessary levels of care, or attention to details. And there’s a growing number of ‘bedroom warriors’ who simply don’t have the capacity, time or skill to proactively keep your IT running the way it should. And that’s without even talking about making improvements.

Thanks to the pandemic, many businesses like yours have realised that their current IT service provider is not truly a partner, but just another supplier. They’ll fix things when they break. But there’s no real care or concern in helping you to avoid problems in the first place.

That’s not what you should want or need from an IT service provider.

What you should be looking for is an IT partner. And that’s exactly what we want with our clients – a partnership.

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